Lisa Mendes is a UK-based writer and astrologer with an interest in mundane astrology, the astrology of soli-lunar phenomena such as eclipses and the relationship between astrology, time and place. Her astrology website, Astrology Sphere, focuses on right timing and cosmic weather, particularly soli-lunar cycles such as eclipses and Moon phases. Her cosmic weather forecasts and individual consultations aim to help others sync their personal decisions and actions with the cosmic trends and planetary cycles, both on a collective and individual level. You can also catch her Moon phase and Venus forecasts on YouTube and IGTV.

The AstroInsights Blog evolved out of the Monthly Review section of her Astro-Insights columns and is devoted to analysing certain key people and events on the world stage from an astrological perspective.

Lisa has studied psychological astrology with the Faculty of Astrological Studies, horary astrology with the late Vernon Wells, and has a Master’s degree (MA Cos Div cum laude) in Cosmology & Divination from the University of Kent.

As well as having written regular astrology columns and horoscopes for The London Project, Energies in Action and Harmony Healing, she has also edited a number of astrology books, including the second edition of the well-known and much loved classic The Astrology of Towns & Cities. She is currently writing a book on the cosmology of astrology that will be published in the autumn of 2020.

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