Astrological Review of July 2012

In the UK, July was all about the Olympic Games. Not only was this a chance for London to showcase itself to the rest of the world as a premier sporting, tourism and business destination, but it also offered leaders the chance to lift the spirit of the nation, currently depressed due to on-going economic doom and gloom, reigniting… Continue reading Astrological Review of July 2012

Astrological Review of July 2011

July was an intense and eventful month, given the phone hacking scandal that just seemed to get bigger and uglier with each passing day. The situation seemed to spring out of nowhere and develop momentum just days after the solar eclipse in Capricorn on the 1st, with reports that News of the World journalists had hacked into murder victim, Milly Dowler’s phone surfacing in the press around the 4th. Within a week, the tabloid newspaper had been closed down, leaving over 200 journalists jobless and a growing political firestorm brewing over how widespread the practice had been within the British press and… Continue reading Astrological Review of July 2011

Astrological Review of January 2011

During early January, we began a new six month cycle, care of a solar eclipse in Capricorn. As thesign that rules public office, large corporations, rules and the establishment, within weeks, we began to see signs of dramatic proposals for shake-ups to institutions such as the NHS, as well as discussions concerning the possible breaking up of the major UK banks in order to separate retail banking from the speculative investment arm of many of these… Continue reading Astrological Review of January 2011